Spirit Energy Healing

Positive Energy, Meditation and Earthing

Spirit Energy Healing

Practices of Meditation and Earthing

Learn how to dive deep into finding the relaxation and solace you so richly deserve through meditation. In this short course, I will take you on a journey that will transform your life by teaching you how to relax the body, mind, and soul through the beautiful work of meditation! This course is not about teaching any particular type of meditation, it's about learning how to focus your energy into being one with your higher self and your higher purpose.

I will also be introducing you to Earthing, which will teach you how to connect to the planet to increase health and well-being. Earthing connects you to this overlooked natural energy that nurtures and balances your body at the deepest levels, draining it of inflammation, pain, stress, and fatigue.

Join me in this transformational course to higher healing!

Spirit Energy Healing

The Power of Positive Enerrgy

Learn how to tap into positive energy to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home from negative energies and negative people. Bring happiness and freedom back into your life by eliminating those negative energies that drain your lifeforce and replacing that with ‘Positive’ energy! I’ve not just done this “deep dive” into protection for my fellow Reiki practitioners and energy healers, but also for anyone who feels negative energy impacting their life. These techniques are ones I use every day in what I refer to as ‘Positive Energetic Protection’.

In this course, you will learn what energy is, how to engage and listen to your intuition to identify the source of the negative energy. You will also learn how to use specific tools and techniques for protection, how to restore your energy, as well as learning how to safeguard that beautiful energy of yours!

To help you learn all my energetic protection steps, your enrollment comes with a 50+ page handbook. By the end of our journey together, you will be able to implement protection steps that help preserve and restore your energy levels so you can live your best life, every day. This course is for anyone who faces or is affected by negative energy and wants to be living a life full of positive energy instead. 

Join me soon as this class has limited seating and fills up quickly!


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