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Relax with the Healing Art of Reiki in Colorado Springs - Monument - Pueblo

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"Just had my first Reiki session from Reiki Master Lorilei L  Bourell!!  She did a full on Chakra/Spiritual tune up along with the Reiki.  Why did I wait so dang long?!!  It's a def to do!"  ~Patti


 "Lorilei creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety in her practice, which enabled me to relax completely. She gave me much information about myself and my life, some of which I already knew to be true (and was surprised and pleased that she knew, too), and some that was news to me. At the end of our session, I felt a deep peace and the hope of fresh insight. The time with Lorilei was a rejuvenating treat for my body and spirit!"  ~Dawn  


"Reiki is a wonderful avenue for healing.  Each time I attend a session with Lorilei, I find myself becoming totally relaxed and nurtured.  I highly recommend Reiki for anyone who needs help with emotional healing, physical healing and spiritual healing.  Reiki has changed my life for the better!"  ~Deborah