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End of a Decade (Or Not)

Since there is serious debate around what the end of a decade is (being there was no year zero making the first year of existence, year 1) is the end of the decade 2020 or since we like to even things up with a nice big “0” to start a new decade is 2019 the end?  Whichever way you swing, I am sure that you will agree that 2019 brought with it many hurdles and much joy all at the same time.

For me personally, this has been a year filled with many obstacles as well as many rewards.  In 2019 I celebrated my first year with Spirit Energy Healing as well as being initiated into the Pachakuti Mesa Tribe as a Shaman.  Both were huge milestones for me.  Also this year (back in February), I was “finally” fired from my job at CenturyStink (no, not a typo) via Mountain LTD, which they attempted while I was on vacation in Mexico.  However, unfortunately for Mountain LTD, I made them wait until I returned from Mexico…LOL.  How RUDE of me!!  HaHaHa!  So glad to be done with both of them!

Getting to see Tulum (which I literally missed the boat to the mainland while I was on a cruise several years ago) was certainly rewarding.  I was so glad that I was able to fulfill that dream this year.  Also, another great adventure was getting to swim again with dolphins in the ocean off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  My first time was in a pool while I was in Cabo San Lucas.  With the initiation as a Shaman this year, I can now offer Shamanic healing to my practice, which I now call “Energy Healing” instead of just Reiki.  Good thing I picked the name of my company as “Spirit Energy Healing” instead of “Reiki Healing”.  Who would have thunk???

As for getting to reach as many milestones in 2019 as I did, there were certainly some trials and tribulations.  The biggest one for me was asking myself the question, ‘Should I even be an energy healer?’.  As I pondered this question over and over again, it literally scared the bejesus out of me since this is what my whole career is based on!  I have known for a very long time that I was put on this planet to be a lightworker so energy healing just seemed to flow.  After much debate within my soul, I came to realize that being an energy healer was the right path for myself as I have been able to heal so much of my own physical and emotional baggage.  And the fact that I do have repeat clients, they must be getting something out of it as well!  Thank you to my ‘Beloved Repeats’!!

As for the coming year 2020, I look forward to what it may bring.  I have decided to stay strong and accept with total graciousness what will be gifted to me next year.  And as for all of you my dear souls, I hope the new year brings much happiness, success, love and the strength to endure what may not be so pleasant!  Rest assured, it will be a very curious ride indeed!!  Blessings

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