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So, How Many Reiki Sessions?

Excellent question! In general, compare it with physical therapy – regular and frequent is better. Regular weekly sessions are better then randomly taking a session once in a while. Likewise, visiting a gym once a month doesn’t help with loosing weight either.  So, how many sessions should one have?   Well…it all depends on the person, the issues and the spiritual awareness you are seeking.

Most clients notice an effect after one session, some need 4 sessions to really notice a difference and some need continual sessions to feel the full effect of Reiki. Fortunately, there is nothing you really need to “do” or “prepare for” during a session other than to just relax, enjoy and reap the benefits of Reiki!

Some general guidelines for maximum effect:

  • In the first week, plan 3–4 sessions in consecutive days. Then pause a few days.
  • The next week, plan 2–3 sessions
  • After that, one session per week for say a month or two.
  • And then once a month just to keep the gears greased and working properly.

 For the most part, it all really depends on the individual and what is going on with them. 

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Reiki seems to work by restoring energetic balance. It is up to you to let go of the things that are keeping your system out-of-balance. During a typical session these out-of-balance things tend to come to the surface for you to look at and let go of. Most often, these are deeply rooted judgments and perceptions that we have been carrying around with us our entire lives. In those cases, one session might not be enough for you to see all angles of the judgement, and thusly resolve it. Multiple sessions might be in order, but how often depends on you and your ability to handle the things that come up. 

There are also things that may come up from a past life or lives that have been traumatizing you in your present life.  These types of issues may take more than a visit or two to resolve.  Consider the fact that you may have been carrying around these issues for multiple lifetimes and take into account how much time you may need to release these issues.

On another note, a lot of this depends on factors such as the dis-ease involved and other aspects. Some individuals experience maximum benefits from just one session, while for others it might take weeks (or months), depending on what they want to achieve.  For instance, if you are wanting to get off a particular medication that your doctor has prescribed for you, it could take multiple sessions for you to deal with the dis-ease that has plagued you, causing you to have been put on the medication in the first place.

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have had clients which have happened to receive the maximum benefit after just one session with me. But I also have clients which need more than one session.  For me personally, after my initial sessions, I now see my Reiki practitioner once a month just to maintain a healthy flow for my body, mind and spirit.

In any case talk openly with your Reiki practitioner and determine what the best course of action would be for you to realize the maximum benefits that Reiki can bring to you.  Make sure that you give yourself the amount of time you need to feel a sense of release and gain wholeness again!

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