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~Energy cannot be   created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another~

Why Reiki?
It is said that any ailment in the physical body, starts in the energy field.   Reiki is an Eastern medicine (Japanese) technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that promotes healing in the energetic, mental, and physical body. We all have an energy field that extends about two feet outside of the body (and can even be captured on a certain type of camera). As we encounter stressful situations in life and work, major life changes, and relationship troubles with others, the energy field can become “stuck” from (and with) these unwanted energies. Having energy that is stuck, and negative energy in your fields, can cause mental, emotional, and even physical problems. Depression, anxiety, not being open to love or pleasure, feeling weighed down or heavy are all signs that there are blockages in your energy fields. Reiki is incredibly useful for those dealing with emotional trauma and stress as it clears out energy and blockages that are not serving you and brings your energy centers into balance so that you can heal and feel better.

The results are amazing when you start tapping into this part of your body that you may not have even known existed (the energy field). Clients find that once they start coming in for regular Reiki sessions, they start to become more “aware” of their energy field, and when and how it is being affected. You may start to notice how certain people and life situations are affecting you more than you did previously. You may start to see what and who is no longer serving you. You will begin to notice a more clear and level head when working through difficult situations. You will not be as reactive to situations and start to come from a place of peaceful understanding.

What does the practitioner do in a Reiki session?
A Reiki session treats the 7 major Chakras (a full Chakra balancing is part of a Reiki session), as well as the full body energy field. You actually have over 300 energy centers around your body, this is why full body Reiki is encouraged versus only working on the 7 major Chakras. The session starts with a Chakra examination (and brief explanation), identifying any blockages/unhealthy Chakras. You will actually be able to see where you are open and closed in your energy centers!   We focus on those 7 major Chakras because those are the energy centers that are proven to affect us the most energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Then, using a series of hand positions   throughout the entire body, the practitioner works with your energy field using the energy centers in the palms as well as the life force energy in and around you to clear out all blockages. Hands are placed very lightly on, or close to, your body. At the end of the session your whole energy field is flowing open and working together. Feeling lighter, clearer headed, and more peaceful are usually some of the immediate results you will have.

What does Reiki feel like for the client?
While receiving Reiki, the client will lie comfortably on a massage table while listening to soothing music in soft lighting. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. You will feel warmth, waves of movement, tingling, and buzzing. You may drift into a meditative state, fall asleep, or be completely aware of what is going on inside and around your body. It may even allow you to “work through” things going on in your mind in a comfortable, calm, and relaxed setting. The intention is to create deep relaxation, help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing. Reiki sessions allow you to have a calm and safe “space” to promote self-healing in whatever way your body needs.

Who can receive Reiki?
Anyone can receive Reiki; it can do no harm and can complement any western   medicine you may be receiving. You just need to come in with an open mind and   ready to receive. Reiki has NO religious affiliation, no matter what your beliefs are, it will only help you feel more open and connected to “source”.   Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well-being.

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