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How to Stay at a Higher Vibration

Change is something that comes marching in when Reiki enters your life. The more you allow change to occur and are accepting of it, the easier it is. Change comes best when you jump into the flow of the changing events and flow with it rather than swimming up the current fighting everything that is a change for your greatest good. One of the most common changes that comes with Reiki is the change in your vibrational level in the Universe. Usually, after each Reiki session, you will move up to a different vibration, but it can also happen at any time.

When you manifest, one of the most important steps is to allow yourself to feel as if you already have what it is you desire. This is actually you feeling the vibrational level of what it is that you are seeking. You have to send out the vibration to get the vibration.

Being at a higher vibrational level means that you are operating at a more positive level and are radiating that positivity and goodness to the universe as well. Good things flow to you more freely and it is harder to upset you. Some people term moving up a vibration as moving closer to enlightenment.

One interesting thing that I have read over and over and have experienced first-hand is that right before or after moving up a vibrational level you may feel like you are craving protein. It is believed that this occurs because your body needs the extra energy to make the jump to a new level. You may also notice that you suddenly need more sleep out of nowhere or that you are wanting to shed material possessions or things from different areas of your life that no longer suit you. If you happen to feel any of these know that it is quite common and that you are not alone. They are normal steps in a pretty incredible process.

Once you are at a new higher vibration you need to continue to live in a healthy manner in order to stay at the new higher state. Of course, moderation in all things is important but overall it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to aid you in your quest up the vibrational ladder.

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How to Stay at a Higher Vibration

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